Surf Alerts

With the help of our technology partners, Surf the Web Designs and Surf Guru you can receive surf alerts via text message. We monitor the local buoys and send you a text when the conditions are right for waves at First Peak. This effort ties into our monitoring program to record wave data and user demographics at First Peak. You can learn more about contributing to our monthly monitoring effort by visiting our monitoring contest.


Monitoring Contest


In the meantime, sign up for surf alerts using the form below. Our surf alerts let you know when it’s a good time to help us take monitoring pictures. Snap pictures using the surf guru cam, upload pictures to our monitoring contest, and help bring back First Peak.

Surf alerts go out once a day at 9 AM when there’s waves. We promise we won’t text you more than once a day, unless of course it’s firing! Furthermore, we won’t text you on days when there aren’t waves. No one wants to be reminded of those days!



How did you use our surf alerts?

Tell us a story of when the surf alerts worked for you. We also want to here accounts of people witnessing reflection at Sebastian Inlet. Let us know in your comments.