With Surf Guru, we’re taking the project to a new level

A key principle in our campaign to restore First Peak is our proactive approach to environmental monitoring. In the context of restoring a surfing wave, monitoring refers to a systematic, on-going effort to document the wave characteristics, sediment behavior and ecological aspects of restoring First Peak. Monitoring takes place apriori to prove the need to restore First Peak is real. Once First Peak returns, monitoring would continue well into the future to guarantee the project’s success.

Surf Guru is our technology partner making our wave monitoring efforts possible. For here on out we’re going to keep a close eye on the forecast. On days that’s there are waves we’ll be using the Surf Guru Sebastian Inlet webcam to snap pictures of First Peak.



You can help make the First Peak Project happen

By logging into the Surf Guru site, anyone can access the Sebastian Inlet webcam. We’re looking for users like you to help us take pictures of the waves at First Peak. Here’s a list of the things we’re looking for in the photos.


We want to capture days when wedge waves are present. This way we can correlate the reflected wave energy to our on-going worm reef monitoring program. We’re hoping to show the relationship between reflected wave energy and the quality of First Peak. If you see a wedge capture it.


By taking pictures with Surf Guru, we can document how many surfers are catching waves at First Peak. We want to compare these surfers to those surfing down the beach and other waves at Sebastian Inlet.


Sign Up for Surf Alerts

With the help of our technology partner CFLsurf.com, you can receive surf alerts via text message when the waves are good. Sign up by clicking on the CFLsurf logo below. This is all good stuff. By helping us capture screenshots of First Peak using the technology provided to us by our partners, we’re getting that much closer to bringing back the peak.



Become a First Peak Surf Guru

We need your help taking pictures of First Peak. Sign-up for Florida swell alerts from our technology partner CFLsurf.com. Then once the waves are good, come to our website and take screen shots of First Peak on those days! Share you pictures on social media and now we have a proper community driven monitoring program on our hands.