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The First Peak Foundation, Inc. (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the professional website and the First Peak Project mobile website (the “Service”) solely for the purpose of restoring the surfing wave First Peak. This website acts a collaboration point for scientists, engineers, economists, designers, artists, photographers, policy makers and stakeholders to contribute to the restoration of First Peak. Our project is intended for public benefit; therefore, our comment board is open to the general public according to the terms of our third party comment provider service Disqus (“Disqus”).

Each comment should be thoughtful and adhere to this comment policy, or else it will be removed from our website. Continuous abuse of this policy will result in a permanent ban of that commenter including but not limited to their IP address, domain, and the email address registered with the comment and commenter in question. All comments must also follow the terms and conditions set forth by Disqus.


Added Conversational Value

Comments that do not move the conversation forward or add value to the conversation will be deleted. This includes spam, random comments, or comment that go off on a tangent and act to derail a conversation in progress.


Agree to Hold Harmless

All comments made on this website are the responsibility of the commenter and not the First Peak Foundation, its staff or affiliates. By placing a comment on our blog you agree that the comment is yours and you take full responsibility for the content of that comment. You also agree to hold the First Peak Foundation, The First Peak Project, all subsidiaries, ambassadors, and representatives harmless from any and all damages, liability or repercussions that may come about due to your comment.


All Rights Reserved

The staff of the First Peak Foundation including our Ambassadors, Contributors, Authors, and Directors reserves the right to edit, delete, remove and disallow any and all comments. This includes marking comments as spam according to our discretion.


Commenter Name

Commenters are expected to use their real names to increase their credibility on the site. All commenters must register through Disqus, or any one of the supported social media networks, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. No other means of registration is permitted at this time. All commenters are expected to adhere to the policies set forth by Disqus and the social media networks per their respective username policies. Any usernames appearing vague, fictitious, or which contain keywords will be removed.


Email Addresses

Users are expected to register a valid email address through Disqus. Any email address not registered with Disqus and their affiliate social networks will be removed. Emails and messages received by the First Peak Foundation via the contact form or direct email does not express nor require us, or Disqus to post that email as a comment on a discussion board.



We operate a professional blog that refrains from language that is or can be considered vulgar, offensive, inappropriate, lewd, or determined rude by our staff. Please act appropriately and say things accordingly as if you were at home in your local lineup surfing with friends, family, and people of all ages.


Link Limits

Linking to external webpages, sites, and blogs shall be in accordance to Disqus. If a commenter thinks it is imperative to post an external link regarding driving the conversation, then the commenter should contact us via the contact form.


Personal Attacks

Any and all personal attacks will not be tolerated. Before commenting all commenters should remember the golden rule of human resources: address the issue, not the person. Any comments treating other members with disrespect or being directed to a fellow commenter shall be deleted. In other words, don’t drop in on anyone or cut anyone off. Users found abusing this policy will be permanently banned from the website. While we all agree to disagree, we do look forward to having some engaging conversations.



For more information about our commenting policy, including additional information about Disqus, please contact us using the contact form.

If your comment fails to appear on the message board after three business days, then it is reasonable to assume that the comment violated this Comment Policy and it was deleted. If you believe that a comment was deleted by mistake, please contact us via the contact form.

Let’s have an engaging and meaningful conversation.

Last updated: October 22, 2016