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In today’s technologically-driven era, supporting a cause by subscribing is uber important.  Think of a subscriber list as a petition of sorts.  Furthermore, when you subscribe to a website or a blog, especially a non-profit, it reflects substantially on your interest in the cause.  What’s more, subscribing puts smiles on our faces! Our subscribers make us feel like we are making a difference.

The bulk of our marketing and communicating with the public is social media-based.  Nonetheless, the subscriber list also gives us another way to communicate with you.  We understand that not everyone participates in social media. That’s totally fine. That’s why we have email . Once you subscribe, we can send you updates on blog posts, fundraising events, and overall project progress.  Most of all, we understand if you don’t want to bother with social media, you certainly won’t want to be annoyed by spam.  That is why we will never share your email address.  It’s even covered in our Privacy Policy as well. η

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