Help make the First Peak Project happen!

Restoring First Peak is not going to happen without the community’s help and you are part of the community. On the page below we’ve listed some of the main ways you can contribute to the First Peak Project. By being a public benefit project, the success of our project inherently falls upon the support of the community. The surfing community must embrace the opportunity to restore a lost surfing wave if we’re going to pull this off. Read below to see which avenue for contributing to the First Peak Project works best for you.


Share the Love

We need your help getting the word out there. All throughout our blog we have placed sharing buttons to help spread the First Peak Project’s message on social media. It only takes a couple clicks to share one of blog posts or pages on Facebook or Twitter. Sharing is caring and it makes a huge impact.


Join the Conversation

Each of our blog posts is written and intended to start a conversation about specific facets of the First Peak Project. We’re looking for both positive feedback and corrective criticism. Please remember that this is a professional website and so make sure your comments abide by our comment policy.


Become a First Peak Project Ambassador

If you’re looking to help take the First Peak Project to the next level contact us about becoming a First Peak Project Ambassador. We’re looking for people to help us champion the First Peak Project inside and outside of cyberspace. This could include holding local fundraisers or attending local Surfrider Foundation chapter meetings. Our Ambassadors also contribute photography, writing and their expertise to the project.


Connect with us

Trying to restore a lost surfing wave is uncharted waters for many us. If you have any other creative ideas on how you would like to contribute, let us know. The contact form below is designed to allow anyone to reach out to us who is inspired by our mission. Whatever communication method you prefer, choose your weapon, and we look forward to making a connection soon. Please check out our Privacy Policy then fill out the fields below. Your email will not be shared. We promise. η