First Peak Project Category: Ambassadors

Under this category heading, we’re reserving these blog posts for our Project Ambassadors. If you have a story to tell or some great imagery that you would like to see posted on this website, please connect with us. If you’re interested in helping take this project to the next level, please keep reading.


First Peak Project Ambassadors make it happen!

Sometimes it’s hard to describe having the feelings of humbleness and excitement at the same time. It’s the same combination of feelings you may have after coming out of an incredible barrel. You want to claim your ride so much, but at the same time, you know you have to stay nonchalant. We get the same feelings about reviving First Peak. On one side of the coin, the idea of bringing First Peak back to life get us completely stoked. On the flip side, it’s a lot of responsibility. Bringing back a surfing wave is no easy task as it takes a lot of sacrifices and hard work. This is where the humbleness finds its roots. If you can relate, join us.


We’re looking for driven and dedicated First Peak Project Ambassadors.

At the First Peak Project, we are a group of surfers, but we’re also ecologists, engineers, scientists, thinkers, and dreamers. Regardless of how eager we are to rip a couple of First Peak bowls, we need to be diligent, rigorous and passionate in every facet of our project.

More than ever before, we’re looking to propel the First Peak Project forward. Historical evidence of First Peak back in the good old days is enormous. Additionally, we’re also on the lookout for photographs of other wedge waves, accidental waves, and man-made waves around the world. Visit our Ambassador Page and envision yourself being part of this movement.

For the writer’s out there, we’re looking for blog posts that relate to our cause. When it comes to making an internet presence, content is king. We need material that drives this grassroots movement ahead, especially content for the website. If you’re interested, let’s talk about publishing your content. Once you’re a part of the First Peak Project and you realize how real this opportunity is, you’ll quickly experience how it feels to be excited and humbled at the same time. η



How do we convince you to join our Ambassadors?

Leave us some ideas below but remember to be an ambassador at all times and respect our comment policy.