In the study of wave mechanics, the lower case Greek letter η is the universal symbol of free surface displacement.

It has always been elusive and difficult to directly measure wave height because it occupies spatial and temporal dimensions simultaneously. In most pragmatic experiments, eta is measured at a fixed reference point. Therefore, a time series may is readily extracted from which wave height is extracted.

As the reflected wave and the incident wave combined, constituting a wave-wave interaction, their momentum fluxes constructively interfere with one another. This principle of superposition is the primary physical driving force behind the extraordinary waves witnessed when wave reflection is present. The physical phenomenon of wave-wave interaction rapidly launches eta upwards. The process somewhat departs from conventional wave mechanics and is better explained using acoustic principles.

Applying acoustic principles to water waves has profound implications, reaching well beyond the traditional field of wave mechanics. Eta is dedicated to understanding this opportunity and implementing this extraordinary phenomenon throughout the world. The preeminent implementation of Eta is manifesting itself via the First Peak Project. A simple wedge wave has the potential to unlock an energy source well beyond the boundaries of contemporary comprehension.

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