By donating to the First Peak Project you’re participating in something special.

This is an exceptional opportunity to restore one of the best man-made surfing waves of all time. The only way to make it happen is with your support! Seriously. We’re so stoked that you share our enthusiasm and passion enough to chip in. It means a lot to us.

You see, here’s the thing. We love our surfing waves, and we’re absolutely heartbroken that First Peak does not exist anymore. Through the First Peak Project, we want to raise the collective awareness of how surfing waves benefit our communities. Surfing waves are essential as they’re the lifeblood of our sport and its culture. First Peak was once an epicenter of the surfing world, and it meant so much to the community. That’s why we believe when it comes to restoring First Peak; we have so much to gain, and so little to lose.


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